Frequently Asked Questions.....

Why do I need to be a registered girl scout?
Since we are a Girl Scouts of Western Washington affiliated Day Camp we are required to follow certain rules and regulations. Girl Scout membership provides accident insurance for youth participating in Girl Scout activities like Bonney Lake Day Camp.

Does being a girl scout mean that I need to attend meetings and sell cookies?
No, Sometimes we have individuals that aren't sure if they want to join Girl Scouts--Day Camp is a perfect way to try it out. However, Day Camp is also a great way to meet Girl Scouts and sometimes campers join their new friends in troops when school starts up in the fall.

By joining Girl Scouts for Bonney Lake Day Camp your level of future involvement with Girl Scouts is up to you. Some scouts choose to never join troops, sometimes there are troops that form that only meet between certain sports seasons--Girl Scouts is flexible.

How are campers grouped?
Campers are placed in units based on grade level. Groups are led by a PA/VIT with adult supervision. Unit sizes vary from 6 – 12 campers.

What does it mean to be a girl-led camp?
Our older girls, PA’s/VIT’s, are 7 – 12th grade girl scouts who have completed Program Aide training where they learn how to work with younger girls and develop their leadership skills.

PA’s/VIT’s plan all the events and activities that happen at camp and mentor the younger girls during camp. Many of our campers return year after year to have a great time and to see their friends. As they grow and remember camp fondly, many return as Program Aids to help lead and mentor younger Girl Scouts to have the same experience they had.

What will they be doing at camp?
Each day has a similar structure, with age appropriate activities throughout the day:

Each morning camp is started with an opening ceremony. Opening ceremony includes a flag ceremony, daily announcements, and unit chants. Campers are greeted by PA’s and VIT’s that lead them in high-energy songs and games.

From opening ceremony campers are released to their units for scheduled activity stations, lunch, and afternoon activities.
Camp is wrapped up with a closing ceremony that mirrors opening ceremony.
Activity stations include age-appropriate activities in the following categories:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Woodworking
  • Fire building
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Knife safety
  • Knots
  • Nature
  • First aid

Archery (for grades 4 – 6)
Additional camp activities include: songs, unit time, hiking and more!

Special days at camp
On Tuesday, we will be taking our camp photo at opening ceremony – please be on- time in your camp t-shirt!
On Wednesday, we will have a special activity (such as a rock wall or bounce house) and will also be making our traditional stepping stones. Wednesday is also late night for campers in 4th grade and above and PA’s/VIT’s. Read more about late night here

What does my camper need to bring to camp? Please be sure to bring the following items to camp:

· Camp T-Shirt (provided on first day)
· Name Tag (provided on first day)
· Water bottle filled with water (this is required and VERY important)
· Sack Lunch (coolers are generally available in units – check with your unit leader)
· Sunscreen and bug spray – Please apply before arriving and camp and make sure your camper knows how to reapply
· Backpack to carry all items
· Enthusiasm and smiles!

A note on clothing: Since we are outdoors, please wear sturdy play clothes and shoes. We do get messy sometimes, too. Dress appropriately for weather (e.g. Bring a raincoat or poncho if it might rain. Campers will receive their camp T-shirt at the start of camp. For safety and identification reasons, wearing camp T-shirts is MANDATORY). Sandals, flip-flops, or any shoes with open toes, heels, slides, or wheels are not permitted. Campers not appropriately dressed will have to wait for proper clothes from home before being allowed to participate at camp per GSWW rules.

What items should be left at home?

  • Nut products – our camp is 100% nut free. Please do not pack any type of nut products in your camper’s lunch as we have campers and staff with life threatening airborne allergies.
  • Cellular phones or other electronic devices. We are having a screen-free week! If your Camper arrives with a screen, they will be asked to power off their device and leave it in their backpack for the entire day.
  • Money, candy, or gum
  • Weapons
  • Anything you would be sad if it got lost or destroyed
  • Girl scout uniforms are not required at camp

Drop-off and pick-up procedures

Drop off: When entering Swiss Park look for volunteers to direct you where to go. We will meet your camper at your vehicle and make sure they are on our registration list. From there your camper will be escorted by PA’s/VIT’s to the bleachers to meet up with their unit.

Pick-up: you will need to park inside Swiss park (near where you dropped off your camper) and wait until dismissal to come get your camper. All individuals picking up campers will need to be on the approved camper pick up form and will be required to show matching photo identification EVERY DAY. Campers will not be released to anyone who is not on the authorized pick up list, or anyone who doesn’t have a valid photo ID. For the safety of your camper, these procedures are strictly enforced.

What is Bonney Lake Day Camp?

Bonney Lake Day Camp is a Girl Scouts of Western Washington affiliated Day Camp that is planned and led by Girl Scout Program Aides (PA’s) and Volunteers-In- Training (VIT’s) and supervised by Adult Volunteers.

Campers will spend the week outdoors learning age-appropriate outdoor skills like first aid, knots, and nature, outdoor cooking, fire building, arts, woodcrafts, and more.

Who can attend camp?
Girls entering grades 1 – 6 in the fall are welcome to attend as a camper. Any child that wants to come to camp is welcome, even if they have no previous experience with Girl Scouts. Girls who are not registered Girl Scouts will need to complete a membership application prior to arriving at camp (don’t worry we can help you with that!).

Where is camp?
Swiss Park Sportsmen Club
9205 198th Avenue E.
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

When is camp?

Monday July 10 – Friday, July 15 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

On Wednesday, there is a late-night option for campers in 4th grade and above and PA’s/VIT’s. Late night starts right after camp and pickup is at 7pm. Campers will have the opportunity for water play, field games, hiking, exploring, arts and crafts, and more. Campers will be provided dinner at late night consisting of pizza, drinks, and sides. The cost to attend late night is $6

Why should your child attend camp?

Not only will your child learn age appropriate outdoor skills, make new friends, and sing camp songs, but they will experience the full power of the Girl-led Girl Scout experience because the camp is planned and led by older Girl Scouts also known as Program Aides (PA’s) and Volunteers-In-Training (VIT’s) (under the supervision of Adult Volunteers).

The PA’s and VIT’s meet throughout the year to plan activities for camp while learning and developing their leadership skills. To learn more about PA’s and VIT’s click here.

How to register:

1. Fill out a camper registration form online (one per camper)
2. Fill out a camper health history form online (one per camper)
3. Submit your payment
4. Get excited for camp!

Cost to attend:

Early Registration (before April 15): $155
Regular Registration (April 16 – May 31): $165
PA’s/VIT’s: $80

Children of Volunteers:

  • 1st girl scout: $65
  • Tags (1 – 5 years): $55
  • Boys (6 – 11 years): $90

Late Night: $6

Payments accepted:

  • Check
  • Online Payment (processing fees applied)
  • Cookie Dough
  • Girl Scouts of Western Washington Financial Assistance